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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Podcasts from Sixth Grade

After completing the Doodle 4 Google contest, students in sixth grade learned all about the innovation process from Discovery Education.  Then the students researched innovations they thought had the greatest impact on society to record short podcasts. Listen to some of the podcasts below to see if you agree with the innovations they selected.[Note: these are WAV files (waveform audio file format) that are formatted for Microsoft audio. MP3/4 versions will becoming shortly.]


Board of Education Pictures

Visit this link to view the pictures from the BOE meeting: Pictures

Click "Present" in the upper right-hand corner to view the presentation. 

Pictures courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Capolino. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Board of Education Presentation

Students in the fourth grade online blended book club presented to the Board of Education on Wednesday, June 4, 2014. The students should be so proud of themselves for all their dedication. Pictures and video to come soon!

Center Moriches Public Library Visits the Media Center

Principal Dr. Christie with the public librarians/mad scientists!

On Monday afternoon, two public librarians from the Center Moriches Public Library visited Dayton Avenue as the first stop on their summer reading promotional tour within the Eastport-South Manor School District. The librarians talked about how to sign up for a library card as well as the Summer Reading Program. They shared prizes, stories and even a song or two with the students!

Third graders sing along at the end of the presentation with the librarians!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Students in Lukas' Class Visit ThingLink

The students visit ThingLink.

Students who finished their written presidential reports in Social Studies tried a new digital publishing option with Mrs. Marone in the Library Media Center. Four students visited Thinglink to create an interactive image that would combine text, links, photographs and video. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fifth Grade President Research

Students in fifth grade have been working on their social studies research projects during their time in the Library Media Center. The students used both print and digital resources for their research. They took notes on each topic they needed information on (the first lady, personal information and time in office), using bullets and abbreviations in their notebooks. Then they turned their notes into paragraphs. Finally the students had to figure out what impact their president had on the country after their time in office. The students also cited their information using the APA format!

Claws Gets a Bath

Liam with Claws
Hermit Crab Helper, Liam, gave Claws a bath to help clean the sand out of his shell as he recently emerged from being buried for several days. Liam made sure the chlorine-free water was room temperature and that there was the perfect amount of the salt for the crab. 

Close-up of Claws

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Secret Students

Congratulations to our latest Secret Students! Keep making PBIS friendly choices in the  media center!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Book Club's Trip to the CTE

On Friday, May 16th, six student representatives (Megan, Peter, Haley, Riley, Breanna and Makai) from the fourth grade book discussion groups went to the Boces Celebration of Technology to present their Notice & Notice technology project. The students used online blended learning in their book club as a way to express their ideas and thoughts about the texts they've read. The students blogged about their books, created infographics and even made avatars to publish information using diverse media formats.

At the Celebration of Technology the students not only presented their project to students, teachers, parents and administrators from all over Suffolk County, but they visited other schools' projects and had the opportunity to program a robot. All students who worked on the project received a goody-bag from Boces and will be awarded certificates.

View the project's website for more information: Book Club Blog

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mrs. Marone Meets Author Tim Green

Mrs. Marone and Tim Green!
Mrs. Marone recently met author Tim Green at a library media specialist meeting. He spoke to promote not only his new book The New Kid, but his love of reading, his family and sports. Being a former NFL player, Tim always had a passion for writing as he studied literature in college. He shared that the idea was pitched to him to write sports stories for tweens that are much more than just stories about sports. Each chapter will leave the reader wanting to know more and each character will become part of the reader's life. An autographed copy of The New Kid will soon join Dayton Avenue's YA collection!

Tim Green signed all of these books. 

Tim Green also shared stories about his family. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Video: Doodle for Google Winners

Press play to view the sixth graders who won the Dayton Avenue Doodle for Google contest. Congratulations to all! 

The Doodles for Google

First Place

Sixth graders at Dayton Avenue participated in this year's Doodle for Google contest where they had to brainstorm one thing to make the world a better place. They had to create a Google logo that would show this theme. A panel of teachers selected the winners and runner-ups! Each student who entered received a certificate. 

Second Place

Third Place

Third Place

Third Place
Best Effort

Best Effort

Best Effort

Best Effort

Best Effort

More Doodles: 

Mr. Conlon's Class Skypes

Have you skyped?
Mr. Conlon's class skyped with Mr. Marone during their visit to the library media center on Friday. Mr. Marone works for a video game company in New York City that makes collectibles from video games. From superheros to Tetris, Mr. Marone has had a hand in the design process--bringing video games to life! All the students in Mr. Conlon's class wrote questions during the last library session with Mrs. Marone and Mrs. Mundell on index cards that they would ask Mr. Marone about his work experience. Each student had to introduce themselves first and then they were able to ask three questions. For example, Theresa asked how Mr. Marone got to work and Sebrina asked what he does at work.  At one point, when Dylan found out Mr. Marone had a blue lantern ring (that matched his own green lantern ring), he asked Mr. Marone if he wore a suit and tie to work or a batman cape! Sadly, Mr. Marone did not have a batman cape, but he had a Superman cape that he showed them! He also showed the students some of the latest designs! 

Do you have a superman cape?

Theresa gets ready to ask Mr. Marone a question.

Dylan wanted to know if Mr. Marone's job was fun!

What will Sebrina ask?

Are you a Superman fan?

New Banner

Have you seen the banner yet?
The banner from Common Sense Media has arrived and is on display outside of the media center. Dayton Avenue School is official a  Common Sense Media Signature School! Go sharks!

Graphic Designers

Which country do you think would win?
Brianna and Reagan finished conducting their research for their country Who Would Win book.They worked together as a team to design the compare/contrast checklist that the students in third grade would use to decide on a winning country for their dream vacation. The students will then write a short, persuasive paragraph using evidence from their research to support their winning choices! Brianna and Reagan added a picture, used different fonts and made checklist boxes all before saving! 

Secret Students

Congratulations to our latest Secret Students! Keep making PBIS friendly choices in the  media center!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Avatars in Sixth Grade

Look at that avatar!
Some of the sixth grade classes have been working on their class books that will be published by Student Treasures. Student Treasures will donate one book from each class to the Stony Brook Pediatric's Unit in Stony Brook Hospital as part of a service project created by Dayton's Service Learning Committee. The students who are working on a digital copy of the book all received online accounts to illustrate and design their pages electronically. However, before working on the text, the students had the opportunity to create their avatar or their icon that would represent them on the site. 

Blue hair anyone?
"Because I'm happy..."
The view of the student desktop once logged into the site!
Hard at work making avatars!